Free BTC Bitcoin Accelerator

Learn how to use accelerator to confirm your transaction on the Bitcoin network.

Best Free Btc Accelerator Site

Currently there are 2 that is my opinion the best Bitcoin transaction accelerator sites:

1 – BitAccelerate

BitAccelerate is one of the oldest Free Bitcoin BTC transaction accelerator sites.
To use, just access the website and in the form field just fill in with the Hash ID.
And ready! Then, the site will send the hash code to dozens of miners who will help free the BTC acceleration.


2 – BtcNitro

BTC Nitro has the same concept and way of using. Very simple and easy. And without a doubt it is also one of the best Bitcoin BTC accelerator.
When accessing the site you will see the form
and just fill in the Hash ID.
And so, the BTC Nitro website will send the free hash code to speed up the BTC transaction.


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